Promoting sustainable forest management systems is an integral part of the Woodrow Timber philosophy. It is an ethos which places huge responsibility on our buying teams who source timber supplies from around the globe, but it's one we're proud to embrace. We have adopted the principles of ‘Chain of Custody’ to ensure our timber originates from responsibly sourced forests.

The Chain of Custody certification schemes are internationally recognised as providing evidence of the unbroken pathway of lumber from native forests to end users. They are subject to independent audit to reinforce their integrity.

Our commitment to these standards means that our customers - multinationals, small / medium sized companies or individuals - can be totally confident that the timber and timber products they buy from us come from well managed and totally sustainable sources.

At Woodrow Timber we see this issue as part of our commitment to provide only quality products that our customers can use with confidence and pride.

All timber or timber-based products we supply come from environmentally sound sources and are helping to protect our legacy to future generations.

Reliably Sourced

As part of our commitment to protecting our legacy to future generations, we ensure all our timber and timber-based products come from well managed sources.

Chain of Custody

We have adopted the internationally recognised principles of ‘Chain of Custody’ certification which provides evidence of the unbroken pathway of lumber from native forests to end users.

100% Sustainable

We are proud of our commitment to responsible forest management and only supply timber which is 100% sustainable from forests that are well-managed and legally harvested.

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